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Tree groove
Tree groove
Tree groove
Rehabilitation of village pond(Johad)
Generating awareness through distribution of plants
Poplar nursery
Involving school children in plantation drive
Participatory monitoring and evaluation
Dalbergia sisoo (Shisham) plantation
Field Inspection by External monitor of European Commission
Water harvesting dam-Village Mirpur
Changing attitude of project officers/officials through participatory approach
Energy efficient crematorium
Income generation activities (Carpet weaving)
Poplar plantation along field boundary
Kitchen garden
SHG members learning marketing skills
Water harvesting dam-Village Mandappa
Training of link workers
Project director and project officers in plantation area
SHG members interacting with Governor of Mizoram during International Trade Fair at New Delhi
Plantation of Acacia tortilis on community land
Making sweet boxes to earn livelihood
Kitchen garden
Plantation along water channel
SHG members preparing village development plan
Clonal multiplication center at Seonthi, Kurukshertra
Computer literacy training in HCFP village
Energy efficent smokeless chullah (cooking stove)
Neem (Azadirachta indica) plantation on common land
Kitchen garden
Participatory decision making
Towards ownership
Agro forestry with Eucalyptus
Monitoring board in a project village
Clonal multiplication center at Seonthi, Kurukshertra
VRMC workshop
Worms used in vermicomposting
Block plantation of clonal Eucalyptus
Training of federation members
Training of SHG members on money management
Road side plantation of Kadam (Anthocephalus cadamba)
Dalbergia sisoo (Shisham) nursery
Training of project staff
Training of trainers by project staff
VRMC members discussing microplan
Social fencing in plantation areas
Training of trainers for computer literacy
Helping villagers to establish linkage with other Government departments
Women groups undergoing vermicomposting training
Roadside plantation of Ailanthus excelsa
Training of VRMC members
Plantation of Embilica officinalis (Amla) in farmers filed
Agro forestry with Ailanthus excelsa